Faucet Repair & Installation

Have a Master Plumber Handle Your Faucet Repair

We have over three decades of experience fixing sink and bathroom faucets. No leaky or broken faucet is too much for us to handle - our master plumber will have it fixed right the first time.

We've repaired countless faucets over 30 years of serving the North Houston area, which is why our service is fast, professional, and affordable.

Signs You Might Need Faucet Repair

Leaking Water

If you see water leaking from the spout, faucet base, or under the sink, it can cause water damage, not to mention higher utility bills.

Low Water Pressure

Low faucet water pressure is annoying and can be caused by a few different things, primarily mineral deposits or old cartridges.

Unusual Sounds

Strange sounds coming from your faucet can be a signal that it needs a bit of maintenance to work properly again.

Our Faucet Services

Leak Repair

We can diagnose and fix your leak no matter where it's coming from so your faucet doesn't cause permanent damage and mold.

Water Pressure Correction

If your faucet is sputtering water or the pressure has decreased entirely, we can get it back to normal.

Damaged Component Repair

We can repair stuck handles, worn rubber washers, and more. If your faucet has general wear and tear, our repairs can help extend its life.

Klein Plumbing Service Areas

We're proud to be a member of your community.
Our family-owned plumbing company services faucets in the following Houston areas:

Klein | Spring | Tomball | Woodlands

Magnolia | Cypress | North Houston

We can handle your faucet leaks and maintenance quickly and easily so you can get back to your life.

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