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A working sink is vital to a smoothly-running home. If your kitchen or bathroom sink isn't functioning properly, our experienced, professional team is able to help.

Klein Plumbing Services has 30 years of experience repairing sinks, so whether it's an issue with your sink's faucet, spout, drain, or stopper, we can fix it quickly. Our service is fast, professional, and affordable - talk with a master plumber today.

Signs Your Sink Needs Repair

It's Constantly Dripping

A healthy sink's faucet doesn't regularly drip. If you experience a consistent dripping, it's a sign that your sink needs to be repaired.

It's Leaking

Leaks below your sink are a surefire sign that it needs a repair. Besides causing water damage, it can also result in a higher water bill (and a huge mess!)

It's Not Stopping

A normal sink is able to be plugged and fill up. A broken stopper needs to be replaced for your sink to function like it's supposed to.

Our Services

Leak Repair

We can diagnose and fix your leak no matter where it's coming from so your faucet doesn't cause permanent damage and mold.

Drain Unclogging

We're experts in locating and breaking up a clog in your sink's drain using proven methods and precision tools.

Damaged Component Repair

We can repair/replace non-functioning stoppers, strainers, and more. If your sink has general wear and tear, our repairs can help extend its life.

Klein Plumbing Service Areas

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Our family-owned plumbing company services sinks in the following Houston areas:

Klein | Spring | Tomball | Woodlands

Magnolia | Cypress | North Houston

We can handle your sink repairs quickly and easily so you can get back to your life.

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